DR. H.U. MALIK Physician Specialist (GM & IM),

Nutritionist, B.Sc. MBBS (with HONs), M.D. (TJ). Ph.D,



Academic Teaching Practice
to the University of Cologne

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Main areas of Practice

Health Insurance Services

  • Preventive measures
  • All vaccinations from infancy to adulthood after STIKO recommendation
  • Other investigations(Health Insurance or Private only by indication)

Individual Health Services

  • General
  • Blood tests
  • Travel vaccinations for all countries in the world
  • Circumcision

Technical investigations

  • Blood Pressure Measuring (24 Hrs) , Holter ECG (24hours), Normal/ Resting ECG, Emergency ECG, Exercise ECG
  • Defibrillator available
  • Pulsoxymetry (Oxygen Measuring), Spirometry (lungfunction test)
  • Rectoscopy (Rectal Mirroring)
  • Ultrasonography (Sonography)

Specific features

  • Our Clinic is registered as Yellow Fever Vaccination Center to the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Our Clinic provides health insurance to participate in all the participating GP-based care
  • Our Clinic takes part in DMP (Disease Management Program) DM type 1, DM type 2, Asthma, COPD and CHD
  • In urgent cases we make home visits
  • Clinic without barriers (access Suitable for the handicapped).